Windera S

The Windera S wind turbine is designed to maximise performance and guarantee safe operation under any wind conditions.

What is Windera S?

Windera S is a 3.2 kW wind turbine with outstanding efficiency, reliability and safety. It has been designed in accordance with standard IEC 61400-2.

Windera S boasts two of the most demanding certificates in the market: MCS, from the UK, and Class NK, from Japan. Its ease of installation and low maintenance make this wind turbine the perfect choice for environments with yearly average winds stronger than 5 m/s.

Main characteristics

  • - 3 blades, horizontal axis, upwind, passive yaw, fixed pitch
  • - Hub height 12.6 metres
  • - Rated power of 3.2 kW at 11 m/s
  • - Rotor diameter of 4.36 m
  • - Class III as per standard IEC 61400-2

Noteworthy aspects

Maximum safety and reliability

Three safety levels to ensure the unit can brake under any situation

Advanced supervision and monitoring system



Self-diagnostics system to detect anomalies.

20-year useful lifetime

Simple installation and low maintenance.

caracteristicas windera-s Ennera
windera-s Ennera



caracteristicas windera-s Ennera
  • - GL-certified power coefficient: 0.41


caracteristicas windera-s Ennera
  • - Power output: 6,231 kWh/year*

  • * at 5m/s


Windera S is among the small-scale wind turbines with the best capability to convert the kinetic energy from wind into electricity, under low and moderate wind conditions, that is, at a yearly average of under 8 m/s.

A high Cp (0.41) is obtained with the efficiency of the generator and the converter


Advanced analysis capabilities for the protection and maintenance of Windera S. Remote communication with the Ennera supervision centre.


Three safety levels, designed in conjunction:

  • 1. Unit control. Braking when high winds are detected.
  • 2. Electrical brake. Braking system upon electrical and/or mechanical malfunctions.
  • 3. Mechanical brake: Redundant safety centrifugal brake.

This project has been cofinanced by:

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