Energy solutions

We provide client-customised solutions with the most competitive energy generation cost

We have a large portfolio of solutions targeted at clients in countries with a strong growth of power demands.

We are a technically strong company, which means we can provide innovative and reliable solutions that are adapted to the typology of each project.

We operate both with conventional facilities connected to the electrical grid (on-grid) and with facilities in isolated areas with no connection to the grid (off-grid)

Soluciones energética Ennera

We offer the possibility of financing and provide projects that include:

Feasibility study

Management of permits

Project engineering

Supply of components

Civil works, erection of the facility

Grid connection

After-sales service

Ennera ensures the correct operation of the plant throughout its useful lifetime:

- Preventive and corrective maintenance service.

- Monitoring system.

Servicio Postventa Ennera
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