The solution to reduce the power management costs in the telecom companies

Telecom solutions diagram

MNO (Mobile Network Operators) and the companies that own telephone towers strive to cut the power management costs associated to their activities, which account for 40-60% of the companies' OPEX.

Telecom towers that are either off grid or connected to bad grids depend greatly on diesel generators for their electrical power. The logistical costs and supply problems of these generators has a significant bearing on the operating expenses.

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Characteristics of the Telecom solutions

The development of hybrid energy solutions, combining diesel generators and renewable energy sources, yields savings that range between 20% and 60%, by maximising the use of batteries.

Our 'plug & play' containerised modular solutions, with outputs that can go from 3 kW to 20 kW, adapt to the power demands of telecom towers.

  • Designed to operate under extreme conditions (remote locations)
  • Ease of handling and operation: remote control
  • Quick installation: standard shipping container
  • Customised solution for each situation
  • Competitive pricing

Ennera provides complete energy services to MNO and TowerCos that want to reduce and optimise their OPEX.

Ennera invests in the energy solution, operates it and maintains it for a time that can vary between 4 and 6 years, and charges the client a rate per kWh or a fixed monthly rate.

Ennera is responsible for the power management of the towers throughout the duration of the contract, so the client need not worry about the energy management of its towers. Once the contract is over, the client will receive the power plant at no extra cost. 

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