Photovoltaic solar plants

On-grid or off-grid photovoltaic solar plants.

Photovoltaic solar plants

Photovoltaic solar power is an endless power source.
Electricity is obtained directly from the solar radiation on the solar panels.

Ennera develops photovoltaic solar projects, on a turnkey or energy sale basis. These plants can be connected to the power grid (on-grid) or disconnected from it (off-grid) 

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Characteristics of the solutions with photovoltaic panels

Ennera has gained extensive national and international experience in on-grid solar photovoltaic solar plants since its beginning in 2007, both in rooftop projects of public and private buildings and in ground mounted projects. The installed power in these solar plants can range between a few kW up to tens of MW.

Off-grid photovoltaic solar plants are normally connected to a battery bank, where energy is accumulated, and/or to a diesel generator. In both cases there shall be a control system to coordinate the energy to be consumed at any given time and the status of each component. These are normally known as hybrid plants. In general, the installed power for these hybrid solutions ranges between a few kW up to a few MW.

There are other alternatives for hybrid plants beyond those described above. Hybrid solutions may include the following components:

  • Photovoltaic solar power plant
  • Battery banks
  • Diesel generator(s)
  • Wind generators

Ennera optimises the cost of energy by performing an in-depth study of three aspects:

  • the existing resource
  • the characteristics of the site
  • the energy consumption of the client

The study of the energy consumption of the client requires more than just a check of the kWh consumed per year. It is necessary to understand the pattern of consumption of each client. The client's demand curve is a key item to optimise the design for each case.

Ennera has developed commercial relationships with first-class manufacturers on an international scale and is supported by a large network of local partners to grow in the markets where it operates.

Similarly, Ennera structures the project by seeking the best investment or funding for each case. For more information, visit the 'Business models' section  

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