Distributed renewable power generation systems with competitive pricing

Mini-grid solution diagram

Access to electricity is the backbone of the economic development of a country. There are currently more than 1,500 million people in the world with no access to electricity at home.

The development of mini-grids is a competitive alternative to the expansion of national transmission and distribution grids, which are so costly as to be infeasible in some countries. 

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Characteristics of the mini-grids

The development of hybrid mini-grids that combine diesel power and/or storage with renewable power sources presents advantages over those with a single power source:

  • Reduction in the O&M costs for the community, since increasing percentages of raw materials at no cost (such as wind and sun) are used.
  • Improved management of demand, thanks to the use of a source such as diesel, which is easier to manage than the natural resource.
  • Improved adaptability to the surrounding conditions, when different renewable power sources (e.g: wind in winter and sun in summer) are used, and when an appropriate percentage of battery storage is introduced.

Mini-grids comprise three subsystems:

  • Generation
  • AC or DC distribution
  • Consumption or demand

Our 'plug & play' containerised modular solutions, with outputs that can go from 3 kW to 20 kW, adapt to the power demands of mini-grids:

  • Designed to operate under extreme conditions (remote locations)
  • Ease of handling and operation: remote control
  • Limited maintenance
  • Quick installation: standard industrial container
  • Customised solution for each situation
  • Competitive pricing

Ennera offers projects on a turnkey basis. Similarly the possibility of providing energy services based on energy sales, if the client does not wish to invest in the project, can also be provided.

Our WINDERA S wind generator can complement hybrid solutions that include a solar plant

More information on the Business Models we provide.  

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