LED lighting

Integration of LED and photovoltaic solar power in energy efficiency solutions for lighting.

 The need to rationalise energy consumption in buildings and outdoor public spaces has led Ennera to create a new area of activity devoted to the study and management of lighting, in search of solutions with better energy efficiency and integration with solar photovoltaic technology.

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Characteristics of the integration of LED lighting.

Mercury vapour lamps are currently in widespread use, in spite of using a lot of electricity, having high maintenance demands and thus being expensive for communities.

Energy saving projects for public lighting can yield significant cost savings (close to 80%) by using LED technology, remote detection and adequate remote facility management systems.

Ennera integrates the best LED lighting solutions currently available in the market. Solar photovoltaic power has been used to develop a solar street light that includes a solar panel, batteries and a load regulator. This provides up to three days of operation for 12 hours per day, in locations with an average solar radiation time of 5 hours, which is common in most emerging countries in Africa or Latin America.

In line with its experience in renewable energy projects, Ennera provides customised solutions for its clients, by studying the real needs of each of them.  

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