Cookies policy

Cookies policy

Our web page uses cookies to improve your experience as a user. By browsing through our web page, you are accepting the use of cookies with the conditions established in this cookies policy. This policy may be updated, so we encourage you to review it regularly.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small files that are installed in the computer or device when a web page/application is visited. They keep a record of the user's preferences to remember them during the following visit. Their goal is to facilitate the use and browsing for users.

How are cookies used?

Browsing through the web page means the following types of cookies can be installed:

Indispensable cookies
They are strictly necessary for the correct operation of a web page. Web pages cannot work properly without them. We therefore do not ask for explicit consent for these cookies.

Functionality cookies
They are used to improve the functionality of the web page. These cookies, for instance, are reminders of the content that has been viewed previously in the web page or the email address and password provided when registering during a prior visit.

Proprietary or third party analytical cookies
These cookies provide statistical information on the use of the web page by users. These cookies cannot be used to identify users, since the information they collect is anonymous and shall only be used to improve the pages and the browsing, to provide statistics on use, speed of searches, metering of the activity in the web page, etc. This web page uses the Google Analytics free web analysis tool. For more information, click on:

How can I avoid installing these cookies?

The cookies in your computer can be allowed, blocked or eliminated through the configuration of the internet browser options. If cookies are blocked, some services that require them may not be available.

Below are a series of links that provide information on how to activate the preferences in the main browsers:

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